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As my 15mm fantasy range grows so does the sizes of the buildings I am making.
Having made/sold mostly 6mm buildings for the last 10 years the size difference between 15mm and 6mm is considerable.
So much so that the moulds are way bigger and as such cost a lot more.

I have almost finished my barracks and am suddenly struck by how much the production cost will be compared to other buildings.

In the grand scheme of things it is not really that much, but with almost every penny that I make going toward rent and food I need to be careful that I don’t sink a weeks food budget into a model that does not sell.

So here is the plan.

The barracks will cost about £60.00 to get made, that is moulded and cast and onto the site for people to buy.
It is about twice the size of my recent two storey buildings which sell at £10.00, so it safe to assume the barracks will cost about twice as much and be about £20.00

I am worried that people won’t buy it at that price.
So in order to make sure that the £60.00 is not wasted I am testing the waters by setting up a pre-order for it.

If you think it is cool and you will buy it then here is your chance, pre-order now and I will use that money to get it done.

The good news is that the actual model is almost complete, the even better news is that if you pre-order you need only pay £15.00.

(Please be aware that once moulded and on the site it may be cheaper than £20.00, but if it is it will not be less than £15.00.)

So either you get the building you want at the actual price (seems pretty reasonable) or you get it cheaper. (seems very reasonable indeed)

Once I have £60.00 in pre-orders I will get it moulded, cast and then posted to you.

You can of course pre-order as part of a new order, in that case I will send the whole order as one once the barracks are complete.

Below you can see the almost finished master and then a shot of it with some wall sections.

£45.00 of £60.00 raised