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This was a quick pre-order / crowdfunder to help raise a bit of cash for the production mould for my new figures.

There were 2 order / pledge levels.

1: Just the figures

2: Figures and exclusive terrain pieces, the terrain items will not be for sale outside this offer       

The 4 figures are

Thanks to everyone that supported this!

The production mould is done and I will be getting the models late next week or the week after.

I have already started casting the resin items so they will be ready when the models arrive from the caster.

I did promise everyone a few extra freebies if we hit the £200.00 mark.

We did hit that, so the free items are also at the casters, ready to be moulded.
Once the freebies are done I will pack it all up and get them shipped.

Praise be to Ishtar!

The 2 terrain pieces are


Tribal Warrior



Shaman’s Circle

Merchant’s Carpets

£250.00 of £100.00 raised