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I needed some models for my own 10mm fantasy games and could not find them.

So I had Martin who sculpts much of 15mm sculpt what I needed.

I needed enough to warrant having a mould made so I figured I may as well offer them for sale.

If successful I will possibly make some more.

All models supplied unpainted and unassembled

Religious Fanatics

Pack of 10.

2 x The Bell Ringing one
4 x  The shaking fist one
4 x The other one!


Inspired by the drawings of historical flagellants these have the same long hair, are stripped to the waist and carry leather whips.

They are of course suitable for many fantasy games.

They are about 11mm to the eye, and as such 13-14mm to the top of their mad hair.

Please see the About page for international shipping.

Twin Pack