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3D Printing

I recently bought a resin printer.
I wanted to be able to offer more scatter terrain on Crom’s Anvil that was both good quality, easy to produce and cheap to ship.
You can find some of these models on the misc page of the shop.

3D printing is not as I hoped, plug and play. It is tricky.
I am happy to 3D print any files you have the right to print but it would be much easier if those models are support free.

If you have some files and want a quote please do e-mail me.

It does not have to be 15mm, it does not even need to be gaming related.

Below are some of the things I have printed for personal use.

18mm barbarian

25mm soldier

28mm terrain printed to scale with the above barbarian.

28mm tavern printed smaller to use in my own 10mm fantasy games

The same tavern in 2 sizes

28mm figure rescaled for my own 10mm fantasy games

Please note that with the exception of the above dude, these were all support free models.

If you have anything you want printed please do ask, but make sure you are ok to have them printed.