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Erland - derived from a Northern dialect. Thought to mean stranger or outsider.

Erland hails from the distant north, no one knows from whence he came or why, nor what he seeks if indeed he searches for anything.

Whatever his motives he seems to prefer the warmer climes of the south and is often found travelling to and from Simurgh, a town in the Eastern Desert.

Eydis - derived from a Northern dialect. Thought to mean mistress or goddess of the isles.

Much like Erland, little is currently known of Eydis, though some say she is descended of noble blood and has been cast into exile. Why she wanders the Southern lands none are sure.

Whatever her reasons, one thing is clear, she is quite immune to Erland's advances.

Crom Ogun - derived from the Yoruba people. Ogun is a spirit thought to inhabit metals and able to share the answer to the mystery of steel.

Crom Ogun was born into slavery but his owner noticed a talent for metal working and graciously allowed him to become an apprentice and study his art.

       Once his mentor had taught him all he could, Crom Ogun slew his master, freed
        all the other slaves and recently found his way to Simurgh, which being born         again asks little of it’s peoples past.

Ali Durust - derived from the Eastern Desert, Durust is an ancient word that means honest.

Many believe he chose this name himself, though he insists it is the name bestowed upon him by all who trade with him.

Ali Durust travels from the lands of the East to the cities of the West, Simurgh is mid route and he can often be found there resting a while.

Well travelled and always with his faithful bodyguards, he can be a handy person to know.

Kalan Al Kishtar - Little is known of this foul sorcerer.

We did learn however that in the first chapter of our chronicles, Erland was fleeing from Kalan Al Kishtar.

It is also rumoured that he has been seen in the streets of Simurgh.

Zoroastres - derived from the Eastern Desert. Thought to mean camel, which whilst initially this sounds unflattering, in the Eastern Desert the camel is a sustainer of life and a most enduring reliable creature.

Zoroastres is the High Priest of Simurgh’s shrine to Apis.

A quiet but devout man, he has dedicated his life to spreading the word of his God.

Praise Be To Apis!

Queen Oya - derived from the Eastern Desert. Thought to mean Goddess of Thunder and Storms.

Queen Oya is the ruler of the lands to the South West of Simurgh and she maintains an iron grip over her lands.
The various tribes under her reign are united as one, where as previously they were disparate and fragmented.

However not all villages accepted her rule and some left to wander as nomads and raiders rather than be ruled by a woman.

Utuseb is the most recent village to come under her rule and it is the closest to Simurgh.

Kibuka - derived from the Eastern Desert. Thought to be the name of a long forgotten God of Battle.

Kibuka is the warrior chief of Utuseb and it is ruled by his word alone.

This being said, he puts great stock in the counsel of his shaman Ekwensu.

Kibuka has been challenged for leadership by the people of his tribe and the skulls of these challengers can be seen on spikes outside his hut.

Ekwensu - derived from the Igbo people. Thought to be the name of the god of tricksters and deceit.

Ekwensu is a shaman and has the ear of Kibuka. It is said Ekwensu can call upon the spirits of the ancestors of his people.

A conjuror of foul spirits and demons, he lives outside the village of Utuseb in a cave that none claim to have seen the inside of.

The Hatun Yasmina - derived from the people of the inland sea, Hatun is a title of political office of someone from minor nobility or who has been award the position.

Yasmina herself is new to Simurgh and has asserted her right to rule there based on her title.

Currently little is known of her motivation, but her wearing of the Caspian neck collar has been adopted by the women of Simurgh who seek to copy the style, whilst her soldiers prevent open dissent.

Yel Ata - derived from the far east. Thought to mean wind father.

Yel Ata is an archer of great ability and wanders the deserts and plains with his hound seeking adventure and excitement, prone to wandering the Open Steppe he owes loyalty to no place or person.

He is quick to anger and quick to laugh.

The Atalanta - whilst not a living personality, we shall learn more about this ship, and how Eydis came to be captain of her.

It seems that both their names are tied together, maybe fate has started to reveal its hand.

All we know for now is that it is a common merchant ship with a very small modification to the prow.