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Apis is a god embraced by the people of Simurgh as he is the god of strength, fertility and rebirth.

Apis is bull headed and his followers wear plain simple russet robes, though the robes of the higher ranking devotees are somewhat more elaborate.

A rich deep red and bright gold are often associated with Apis and this is evident in the streets of Simurgh where various buildings can be seen decorated thus.

Apis is thought to bring life to that which is barren.

It is rumoured they hold lustful gatherings in secret on their holy days and at these meetings ancient ceremonies are performed and initiates are granted full rights and access to the faith.

One thing that is known for sure is that small shrines or ‘free oases’ have started to appear in the desert around Simurgh along the trade routes and that all are welcome to stay there are rest whilst they travel.


Istaris is a sumerian snake god. Known as the devourer of heretics. Istaris has a long and bloody history and is not widely accepted amongst the civilised nations.

Its practices are often outlawed and as such what followers there are tend to practice his worship in secret.

It is said that Istaris was a mighty sorcerer from times long forgotten and that he turned his followers into hideous deformed snake people. What became of these people no-one knows, but some say they live amongst us, in secret, carrying out their dark masters wishes from beyond the veil of death.

They say, their purpose is to herald the return of Istaris and to aid him in making all in his image and to kill those who resist.

The Gods of the Burning Sands are very real but are not known for their interference in mortal affairs.

Their worshippers are as varied as the Gods themselves, but one thing that is common across the numerous religions is that the ceremonies practiced by the devotees grant actual tangible effects.

These effects are a form of magic and it is normal that only high ranking religious officials can perform such ceremonies.
Acolytes can assist in the ceremonies, but only the actual high priests can perform them.

The effects of the ceremonies vary from increasing the likelihood of becoming pregnant, to cleansing the lands of a blight. From removing a curse to summoning the aid of an actual God.