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The first time we encounter Simurgh is after Erland has escaped the sorcerer Kalan Al Kishtar and makes his way there with some wolf pelts to trade.

It is a small village (possibly that is being generous) which is a shadow of its former self.

It was once a relatively prosperous village on a trade route between the lands of the East and the West.
Situated in the Eastern desert it was a popular midway resting place for merchants and travellers.

Bandits were frequent problems but the then patron of Simurgh was the young son of a merchant who kept the peace by imposing taxes on goods that travelled through the village and in turn used those taxes to maintain a small armed force of watch who would safeguard the village and the trade routes.

However when he fell ill and eventually died so too did the armed watch.

This emboldened the robbers and bandits and it was not long before a longer safer trade route was used instead.
Simurgh fell into decline.

This of course changed in the year of the scorpion, when as chance would have it, Eydis and Erland slew the largest of the bandit groups and helped liberate the village from the constant bandit threat.

It was not long before the rest of the bigger bandit groups also suffered the same fate and peace began to return to the village.

Word spread and an ever resourceful merchant by the name of Ali Durust started using the trade route and breathed some life back into Simurgh.

A year later and Simurgh is now a small town, the cult of Apis have settled in and have started paying for a permanent watch and have set about trying to make Simurgh prosperous.  

Currently as our Chronicles are played out, Simurgh is in what scholars will one day call the middle period.

The name Simurgh derives from the name of an ancient phoenix like bird, much like its namesake, Simurgh appears to being having a rebirth.

Recently, Simurgh has come under the rule of the Hatun Yasmina, a noble of foreign origin.
It is unclear yet what her motives are or how she will rule, but one thing is clear, she has money and power.

Simurgh as it was in the year of the scorpion.

Crom Ogun talks with Eydis

Ali Durust secures his latest wares

Some slaves go about their work carrying water from the well

Herbs and spices, typical fare of Simurgh

Like so many typical ‘civilised’ towns, Simurgh has a busy slave trade

A small procession of cultists make their way through the streets

A boy who is hurling stones at a mans goats is about to get a thick ear, courtesy of the watch

Ever watchful, the High Priest of Apis surveys the town


The Hatun Yasmina flanked by her royal guard as she negotiates slave prices with Ali Durust.

Middle period Simurgh as it is was in the year of the Hyena.

Erland negotiates prices for an evening of entertainment