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Utuseb is the northernmost of Queen Oya’s villages.
Queen Oya’s lands encompass the mountains to the South West and into the jungles beyond.

Utuseb itself is several days journey to Simurgh across the harsh and unforgiving Burning Sands.

The people are self sufficient and proud of their heritage.
Each person can trace their lineage back countless generations and a key part of their religion is the understanding that their spirit ancestors are still with them.

Ekwensu the holy man of the village can it is said act as a voice for the ancestors and can call upon their aid in times of dire need.
In the centre of the village lies the ancestor stone, a giant rock inscribed with symbols, the meaning of which are known only to the shamans.

Being a warrior people foremost they are ruled by their chief, Kibuka.

The young men of Utuseb when they become of age, must go into the foothills and slay a Moa birds, or Gandowana.
If they do this, they may call themselves men.

The people of Utuseb are frequently attacked by tribal raiders, these tribes people have rejected the rule of Queen Oya, and prefer instead to wander as nomads, attacking and plundering as they see fit.

The tribe display the skulls of these raiders as warning that should they be attacked, the dead will not be afforded a proper burial and their souls will not join with those of their ancestors.

Kibuka, outside his hut where he displays on poles the heads of those that dared challenge his right to rule

Ekwensu’s cave which lies outside the village

The Summoning Pit of Ekwensu, from where it is said he can raise the spirits of the ancestors