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Michael of Angel Barracks here with my new venture.
As you may know, Angel Barracks in it’s most recent incarnation as a purveyor of 6mm sci-fi came about when I started playing 6mm sci-fi and could not find the models I needed, so I made them and sold them.

Crom’s Anvil is kind of like that, having recently started getting into 15mm fantasy I decided to make my own scenery rather than buy it.
I then figured why not offer it up for sale, so here it is.

I am not a blacksmith based in Canada.
Whilst it should be clear that I am neither selling smithed items nor am I based in Canada, I am stating publicly that I am not Crom’s Anvil the blacksmith from Canada.
I am a different business operating in a different country in a different market sector.
There should be no confusion, apologies however if there has been.


Michael Stockin
22 Pastoral Road
BS35 1BG

United Kingdom


07922 160 377
(please try e-mail first though if possible)


Michael Stockin T/A Crom’s Anvil

Your contact information will not be passed on by Crom's Anvil to any other individual or organisation.


We accept payment through our shopping basket via PayPal. This is because it allows you, the customer, to use your PayPal account if you have one, or pay by card if you don’t. PayPal accepts payments from all major debit and credit cards.

Postage and Packing costs**

These costs are for shipping within the

£5.00 for all orders up to £24.99
£7.50 for all orders between £25.00 and £49.99
£10.00 for all orders between £50.00 and £99.99
£15.00 for all orders of £100.00 and above

All orders will be sent out via standard Royal Mail services or a courier.

If you do not receive your order please contact us at mail@cromsanvil.co.uk .

If you require items to be shipped outside of the UK please place the order as normal and wait for an invoice for the extra shipping.

(Please be aware that the extra cost for the EU is generally not too bad)




Postage and packaging costs are charged per order. If some items need to be dispatched separately there will be no additional postage and packaging cost.

** there may be an extra charge however if the order weighs more than 2KG, you will be notified if this is the case before the order is processed.

Terms of Business

1. Orders are accepted only upon and subject to the Seller's, Crom's Anvil, Terms and Conditions of Sale as detailed herein.

2. Should you wish to cancel you have from the day of purchase to 14 days from receipt of the goods to inform Crom's Anvil in writing of your desire to cancel.  

If the goods have been dispatched then the customer is liable to pay for the return postage.

3. Crom's Anvil will endeavour to dispatch all orders within 5-7 working days of order confirmation. Crom's Anvil will inform the Buyer via e-mail if this is not going to occur.

4. Crom's Anvil strives to continually update stock levels to ensure availability at all times. However, on occasion items may be out of stock. Any items not dispatched with an order due to this will be shown on the Buyers delivery note and invoice as ‘Back Ordered’ and will be shipped to the Buyer as soon as possible at no additional cost to the Buyer. Crom's Anvil will contact the Buyer via e-mail to inform the Buyer of delays and expected dispatch and delivery dates.

5. Any date named by Crom's Anvil for dispatch or delivery is given and intended as an estimate only and is not to be of the essence of the contract. The Buyer shall nevertheless be bound to accept the goods ordered when available. Crom's Anvil shall not be liable in any way in respect of late dispatch or delivery however caused nor shall such failure to dispatch be deemed to be a breach of the contract.

6. Crom's Anvil usually accepts payment in advance only via PayPal. Orders will not be confirmed to the Buyer until funds have been cleared into the Crom's Anvil PayPal account. Crom's Anvil will send order confirmation to the Buyer on receipt of the funds. This usually occurs within 24 hours.

7. With some bespoke services Crom's Anvil will issue an invoice to the Buyer. Crom's Anvil payment terms on invoices are 14 days.

8: Goods shall be sent to the address given through the PayPal process, as such this is the address on which the contract is agreed..

9. Goods are not tested or sold as fit for any particular purpose other than to be physical models of fictional concepts.

10. Crom's Anvil and the Buyer are both are bound by the terms of PayPal as found on the PayPal web site. www.paypal.co.uk

11. If there is a problem with the order received or the Buyer wishes to return the goods received from Crom's Anvil the Buyer must inform Crom's Anvil via telephone or e-mail within 7 days of receipt of the goods.

12. No return shall be agreed except in writing from Crom's Anvil. Crom's Anvil will endeavour to respond to requests for returns within 7 days. Please see 2, above.

13. The Buyer will be liable for the cost of delivery of returned goods to Crom's Anvil for any orders cancelled.

14. Returns will not be accepted unless the product is in a reasonable condition as deemed so by Crom's Anvil

15. All goods must be examined on receipt and, if damaged, Crom's Anvil must be informed immediately via telephone or e-mail. Failure to comply will cause the carrier to refute the claim, and then the entire cost must be borne by the customer.

16. In case of invoiced goods if no payment is received within the agreed terms Crom's Anvil shall be entitled to repossess the goods.

17. In the process of continual improvement and updating products, Crom's Anvil reserve the right to alter the design and/or specifications of any goods described on this web site.

18. Please be aware that at present we ship only to the EU without any extra postage charges. Should you require delivery elsewhere please e-mail us prior to placing the order.

19. Crom's Anvil shall not be liable for any default due to any circumstance beyond their reasonable control, including, but not limited to, Acts of God, accident, IT viruses, terrorism, war, civil unrest, riot, strike, lockout, acts of civil or military authorities, fire, flood, earthquake. etc

20. The number references used in these terms and for ease of reference only and shall not affect the interpretation of the conditions.

21. Crom's Anvil and the Buyer accept that, except in the case of either party having made fraudulent statements, they will be bound by these terms and conditions.

22. Nothing in these Conditions shall affect the statutory rights of the Buyer.

23. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales.

24. Any complaints about the goods or services supplied by Crom's Anvil should be e-mailed to mail@cromsanvil.co.uk or made in writing to Crom's Anvil, 22 Pastoral Road, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 1BG

25. This website does not store cookies so browsing it will not cause any cookies to be collected.

26. In cases where the terms and conditions appear to contradict the TCC, then the TCC take precedence.

27. All models are supplied unpainted and some may require assembly, they are models and not toys and may not be suitable for young children. Do not eat, chew, lick or otherwise consume these products. They are models and may be fragile, be careful when handling. They are made from metal and or polyurethane resin. These models can be delicate so handle with care and be responsible for your own actions!

28. If you feel that any complaint has not been dealt with in a satisfactory manner you may take further action here:


Privacy Policy

All transactions are handled by PayPal, no financial data is received by myself.
Once your order has been placed you will receive notification via PayPal and they will also notify me, so I can process your order.
Once your order has been sent the notification will be removed from my records.

No e-mail addresses or records of your purchase are kept by myself once the order has been sent.

Your contact information will not be passed on by Crom's Anvil to any other individual or organisation except where a signed for courier service is used, in which case your e-mail may be passed to them so they can send you a tracking link.
Please let me know if you do not wish this to happen.

If you receive any unsolicited e-mails (you know the kind of dodgy ones that promise increased fun in the bedroom!)  that appear to have originated from Crom's Anvil please forward them on to us. We cant control the naughty people out there who try to steal e-mail addresses but we will do our best.

This site and all subject matter, artwork, and imagery it contains are the exclusive property of Crom's Anvil. © 2016 Crom's Anvil.

All materials on this site, including but not limited to images, artwork, text, audio clips, and video clips, are, unless otherwise stated, owned and controlled by Crom's Anvil and may not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way. Modification of the materials or use of the materials for any purpose is a violation of Crom’s Anvil’s legal rights. For purposes of these terms, the use of any such material on any other web site or networked computer environment is prohibited unless explicitly stated otherwise.